Welcome to movens.co.uk

This is my online portfolio of work. Pretty much everything here so far is from projects undertaken at university, but fairly soon there should be other work here as well. The work is viewable in the gallery, friends websites and other sites can be found on the links page and you can drop me an email on the contact page.

Matt Ovens
Lighting TD



My showreel as of July 2006 is now available to view in the gallery. You may have noticed that the site has changed a little as well. Eventually, the site will be changing over to movens.co.uk properly.



My Major Project, Green, and the matte painting have now been moved to the Finished section of the gallery, and are available to download. There are also more stills from Green available to view.



Added work to the gallery, including a WIP section.
Finished Work: DAM Maya v0.1
WIP: Major Project - Green, Matte Painting



First entries in the gallery.
Finished Work: City Builder, Motion Reference



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